Solar Panels are the best solution to create an independent off-grid power system. This section includes a variety of solar panels made of high-end encapsulation material and provided with a top-notch corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Due to this high-quality material, the panels are able to withstand any adverse weather conditions, including severe winds and heavy snowfalls. The solar panels have been designed to replace conventional energy sources with renewable solar energy. The panels are divided into two groups: the first includes power panels made with Monocrystalline technology; the second – with Polycrystalline. In addition, our customers have the choice to buy either pieces of panels or entire kits. The kits consist of panels, charge controllers, MC4 connectors and other things that you can choose by yourself. The Solar Panels are easy-to-use, high portable and can be installed without external assistance that will keep all electronic devices in power anywhere.

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