Solar Panel Kits are created with the aim to become a replacement of conventional energy sources with renewable solar power. Solar Kits are designed to help out our customers during long sea, camping and hiking trips. It is possible to build the entire off-grid electrical system based on high-tech solar kits. This section has to offer a variety of options for solar sets. Choose a more suitable kit that can include several types of panels with Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline cells, charge controllers, MC4 adapters, tray cables for RVs, boats and other vehicles. A high-end encapsulation manufacturing material is designed to prolong the service life of the panels, which lasts at least several decades. Water-resistant aluminum frames are aimed to protect solar items from strong winds and heavy snow loads. A wide selection of solar kits includes Starter, Premium, Cabine, RV and Marine kits that have been designed for various usage purposes. Solar Panel Kits are created to simplify the lives of our customers and preserve nature!

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